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The Tennenbaum Institute was founded to study how large, complex organizations change over time to adapt to new requirements and opportunities and to react to crises.

Consider the U.S. healthcare system’s need to transform into a system that provides affordable and quality healthcare, the U.S. military’s need to change from fighting traditional wars with major powers to fighting terrorism and insurgencies, the need for information and telecommunications companies to adapt to converging and rapidly emerging domains or the need of manufacturers to operate on a global scale, collaborating with partner organizations. These types of needs did not arise overnight. However, it is fundamentally difficult for such organizations to change continuously to adapt or react in real-time. Thus, organizations often are faced with the need to transform themselves significantly, once dramatically new requirements or opportunities are perceived, or a crisis is at hand. This process is called Enterprise Transformation.

The Tennenbaum Institute has developed a unique strategy for studying and addressing enterprises and their needs to transform. By joining our program, you can become prepared for an exciting career engaging in and leading the transformation of today’s enterprises to meet today’s and, hopefully, tomorrow’s needs and challenges.


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