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Executive Master of Science in
Enterprise Transformation

Lead Change. Enable Collaboration. Accelerate Your Career.

Georgia Tech and The Tennenbaum Institute are pleased to announce a new and unique graduate offering that is the first of its kind globally. The Executive Master of Science in Enterprise Transformation (MS-ENTR) prepares fast-rising managers in large enterprises to take on key responsibilities in transforming their organizations in response to major market and technology opportunities as well as competitive threats and crises.

Enterprise Transformation is an interdisciplinary field that addresses the enterprise as a system and considers the individual, organizational, social and technological phenomena associated with designing, managing, and transforming enterprises. The need for the knowledge and skills for enterprise transformation is accelerating, as evidenced by a 200 percent turnover in the Fortune 500 in the past 25 years. Few enterprises willingly leave the Fortune 500, but the fact is that many enterprise are unable to transform themselves and move beyond current boundaries.

People seeking the MS-ENTR degree think they can be CEO, CTO, or CIO and their employers agree! Eventual titles may vary, but the key is that people seeking this degree are destined to lead, and the MS-ENTR will provide them with the knowledge and skills for success.


“Process, technology, culture – real transformation ignites with the true integration of all three.”

Senior Vice President,
Enterprise Transformation
IBM Corporation

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