Welcome to TI

The Tennenbaum Institute at Georgia Tech helps businesses and organizations use data to inform better decision making.

Our research and education addresses a rich mixture of concepts, principles, models, methods, and tools applicable to a wide range of enterprise domains, with particular emphasis on healthcare delivery and global manufacturing. Our work in these two domains is enhanced by strong partnerships with leading companies and agencies, as well as thought leaders from many organizations. We believe that this diversity is our greatest strength in addressing the complex organizational problems the world faces today.

The Tennenbaum Institute was founded in 2004, enabled by the generosity of Georgia Tech alumnus, Michael Tennenbaum

Our Research Approach

The Tennenbaum Institute has established a structured approach for understanding the transformation of complex enterprise systems. This approach includes four fundamental steps as outlined below.

Identify Domains in Transformation

Our focus is on the healthcare and global manufacturing domains, where significant change is needed for enterprises to remain competitive, and perhaps even solvent.

Frame the Challenges

Frame the challenges by understanding the forces driving the need for change. We determine the current (or As-Is) state and structure of the organization, then specify the To-Be organization, as well as the transformation plan in terms of intents, scope and means.

Create Required Knowledge

Change, architecture, networks, complexity, collaboration, and innovation & integration underpin the notion of enterprise transformation. We explore these themes using existing and new, cutting-edge methods and tools.

Deploy Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge and skills deployment is a critical step of our approach. We achieve this through research and education programs as well as collaboration venues for students and executives.


  • Dec 12

    How Driverless Cars Will Change the World

    Newsweek and Georgia Institute of Technology are sponsoring a seminar, How Driverless Cars Will Change the World, bringing together experts from city governments, Silicon Valley, Detroit and elsewhere to discuss how to bring about the future we all want.